mike_FBCurrent employment and experience:
Professor of Geography Department of Geography and Geology, University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point. I have 25+ years experience with educational technology, 30 years in higher education, and 5 years as a department chair. My primary teaching responsibilities lie in physical geography and climatology. My research primarily focuses on the use of digital teaching and learning technologies in geoscience.

I wrote the first book about using the Internet for earth science education and research, Earth Online, and the first interactive online physical geography textbook, The Physical Environment. I’ve also been a contributor to World Book encyclopedia.

I blog about issues related to higher education, especially educational technology, at The Digital Professor.

Freelance Media Consultant:
I’ve completed media projects for Pearson/Prentice Hall, John Wiley, and Houghton-Mifflin.

Future plans:
I wish to leave my current position for a new challenge. I’m particularly interested in research and writing about educational technology, both current and future applications.  I’m open to an administrative position in online education as well, preferably working from a distance.

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